Cruise's Lil Southern Blair

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Blair is an explosive 52lb yellow lab that gives 100% regardless of whether she's in a hunting blind, or picking up bumpers in the backyard. She is always our go-to dog to take on a hunt, and picks up 500-700 birds a year. As talented as she is out in the field, her ability to turn that off and go relax on the couch is what really makes her special. She has never met a human or animal that she didn't like, and we are beyond blessed to have her as the foundation of our program. 

OFA Hips- Good

OFA Elbows - Normal

OFA CAER (Eyes) - Normal

Clear for the entire Labrador Retriever genetic panel


Wheatland's Delivering The Cheer

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Blitz is a powerful 64lb chocolate lab that is an incredible marker, and has drive and intensity to spare. She is a dog trainers dream and thrives under pressure, is eager to please, and retains what she is taught exceptionally well. She is also a fantastic house dog and once we sit down to relax, she'll collapse into a sack of bricks next to us on the couch or dog bed. She is a very stable dog that is relaxed and confident regardless of if we're going to a new place to play disc, going to a park full of kids, or headed into the vets office. 

OFA Hips - Good

OFA Elbows - Normal

EIC - Carrier

PRCD (Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration) - Carrier

Clear for remainder of Paw Print Genetic panel for Labrador Retrievers


Rain recently came to us as an adult, and has blown us all away with her happy-go-lucky personality and ability to adapt effortlessly to anything we throw her way. She is a true chameleon that can fit into any situation with ease. She has tons of natural drive, an athletic build, and a bombproof temperament. 


OFA Hips - Excellent

OFA Elbows - Normal

Clear for the entire Paw Print Genetic panel for Labrador Retrievers

Wheatland's I'll Make You Wet