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There is no greater feeling than helping dogs learn how to properly communicate with people, and people with their dogs! Here are a few of the lives we've changed here at Wheatland Dog Center.

Kiya came to us at just under a year old. She was timid and insecure in new places, and with new people. She loved going on walks, but she had grown so much that she could come darn close to pulling over whoever was along for the ride! After a board & train program, she was much more accepting of strangers and going to new places. She had also learned all of her basic commands like sit, down, place, and loose leash walking! Overall, Kiya is much more pleasant to be around, and is a whole lot more fun to have in the house! 

"Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to send Kiya with you to Starmark. We are so appreciative of everything you taught her. When we first got her, we were not prepared to train her. I have only had small dogs in my life and it seems much easier to train them for some reason. We didn't even have Kiya really honoring the word sit when we sent her with you. Now that she is back, she is sitting, laying and staying in place with the word stay implied. She knows she is not to leave her position until we say free. She also has heel down pretty well. We are still learning ourselves to stay in training mode with her but like I said before, we are so appreciative of the work you did with her. You are amazing!"

/// Bailey Martinson

       Derby, KS

My wife and I were referred by a friend and we couldn't be any happier! 
Our Bull Mastiff, Vita, was quite tempered and not friendly around people. Kayla used her "Dog Whisperer" powers and somehow tamed her and we are now able to have company at our house without worrying about Vita growling at our guest. 
Vita left us as a very untamed pet. But she came back to us as a very loving and nice pet that our kids' friends can play with and love on as well! The best decision we made and we strongly encourage you to utilize her service!


/// Terrance Williams

       Andover, KS

We took our 5 1/2 year old Aussie to Kayla Ferguson for training. He was there nine days. Major has had a 100 X 100' yard all his life and has never been allowed loose on the ranch without a leash. If he got out the gate, he would bolt!!! He always came back, but because he is so friendly, we feared someone would steal him. He did not have a good recall, it was like he was yelling, "FREEDOM" and off he would go. 

After nine days with Kayla, he has very good recall. I am still using the E-collar to reinforce, but he has done very well. We are retired and it is our plan to move into a motor home and travel around the country. We were scared to death Major would bolt in some strange place and that would be the end of our dog. Taking Major to Kayla has proven the best thing we could have done for Major. Without sacrificing his self confidence she has taught him a sold call back, sit and down, plus some other "good manners", such as, not going through the doorway before the handler. I'm very amazed at his progress and recommend Kayla to anyone needing training for their dog.

I dropped my Dalmation ( Chief ) off at 14 weeks with Wheatland Dog Center for a 20 day training program. The owner Kayla kept me updated on his progress along the way, sending videos and pictures to show how well he was doing. When I picked Chief up, Kayla gave a demonstration of how she trained Chief and showed me how to work with him. It has been almost a month since I got my pup back and he is still doing great. I've had to contact Wheatland Dog Center a few times for helpful pointers along the way, Kayla was great with explaining ways I could resolve the issues that I had. I will definitely be sending any dogs I get to Wheatland Dog Center in future.

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