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Asked Questions

The questions that we are asked most commonly are answered here, if we still haven't answered yours, please contact us!

What makes you the right trainer for me?


In short, I don't know that I am! My goal is to not only to teach your dog a few commands, but to give your dog the confidence and you the knowledge to problem solve and troubleshoot issues throughout the life of your dog. This means teaching your dog how to learn, and teaching you how to effectively communicate with your dog in a way that they understand. While often times we get results such as a reliable recall very quickly, fixing issues quickly is not my number one priority. Making sure you and your dog are given the tools for longterm success is! 

What methods do you use during training?


I use whatever methods and tools work best for that particular dog! Some dogs respond very well with food, some with e-collars, some with praise, or training collars, or any combination of these things. People all learn in different ways, and so do dogs. I will not fit all dogs into one particular box and force them to learn in a way that isn't well suited for them. I will need to visit with you and meet your dog to have a better idea of what training methods might work best for your dog to get the results you are wanting. 

What does your guarantee mean? 

The guarantee is not a promise that your dog will listen to you 100% of the time, but a promise that I will be here as a resource for the life of your dog. Once you become my client, I consider you a client for the long haul and not just for the short time I am actively working with you and your dog during the initial lessons or board and train. If at any time in the future, you and your dog begin struggling with the issues and skills that we worked to teach and improve during the initial lessons or board & train, I will be here to help in any way that I can at no additional charge to get you and your dog back on track. 

What will the daily routine look like for my dog during a board & train program?

Every dog's experience will be a little bit different, depending on their age, where they are at in training, and what we are working on. However, while dogs are here they are treated as my own, and I will do my best to set them up for success once they come back home. We typically do anywhere from 3 to 5 formal training sessions per day, but we also realize that dogs aren't just learning during structured training sessions, they are learning every single time we interact with them! Because of this, we make sure that we are implementing the things we are working on into every aspect of the dogs life for the time they are with us. 

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