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Dog Trainer and Labrador Retriever Breeder in Wichita and Derby Kansas

Hi! I'm Kayla Ferguson, I began my journey as a professional dog trainer in 2016 after attending Starmark School for Dog Trainers. Since then, I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of dogs. Everything from puppy raising, to retriever training, to dealing with aggression and other major behavioral issues. I am an active member of IACP - International association of Canine Professionals, a registered Good Dog Breeder, and most recently - a NePoPo Silver School grad! Wheatland Dog Center is currently located just outside of Derby, Kansas on our 20 acre farm. 

What sets us apart..

We know and treat all dogs just like our own!

WDC is located at our home, and since my husband and I are the sole caregivers of our guests while they are here, it doesn't take long for us to learn all about their likes and dislikes. We pay attention to all the essentials; important stuff such as their eating and bathroom habits, and if they prefer going for a hike down to the pond - or just some one-on-one cuddle time on the couch. 

Each and every dog's individual needs will be met. 

"I don't know how you take care of all these dogs every day, they'd drive me crazy!" - This is something I hear almost daily, and the truth is, if I ran this place like most boarding kennels... they'd drive me crazy too! So I have found a better way. By ensuring that dogs are having their physical, and emotional needs met, their stress and anxiety levels are kept low! This means I am left with a whole bunch of happy, relaxed, and often tired, dogs. 

Every dog is different, and we customize each dog's experience here accordingly. However, a dog's "typical" day here includes three separate times for extra activities. This may include some one-on-one play time for our retrievers and tuggers, a hike through the pastures and down to the pond for the dogs that just love being able to follow their nose, or some quality time being brushed and doted on for the pups that just need some cuddles and affection. These extra activity times are in addition to regular potty breaks outside. 

Your dog's safety is #1

Your dogs safety and health is always our first priority. Dogs are always heavily screened prior to being included into any group play; and if a dog seems to just prefer playing on their own... then that's what we do! But, if at any point your dog becomes sick, or injured while with us, we will always make sure they receive the proper care, and communicate with you through the entire process! 

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