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In-Home Behavior Evaluation

There are many factors that effect a dog’s behavior, aside from training (or lack thereof). By addressing your dog’s diet, mental and physical fulfillment, and management routine, we can fix the root of most problems almost immediately. While training is certainly a crucial piece of the puzzle, there is no sense in attempting to rely on it to fix the symptoms of bigger issues. These are all things that I can help with during an evaluation. It also gives us an opportunity to meet and work together prior to making a larger commitment with a training package; and allows us to come up with a game plan for success that will be realistic for each individual situation.  

$120 – Evaluation is required for new training clients, and the evaluation fee may be applied to any training package purchased at that time. 

Dream Dog Training Program
    Board & Train at Wheatland Dog Center

What would it be like for everyone that meets your dog to love them as much as you do? Would you like to have the ability to bring your dog everywhere with you and know that they will act beautifully? How great would it be to have guests over and NEVER have to isolate your dog in the back yard or crate? The Dream Dog program can provide all of these things...even if you don't think it's possible for your dog right now!


Your dog will stay with us in our home and be put through a complete behavioral makeover, a true doggie bootcamp. This program will teach your dog whatever they need to learn to fit into your home and lifestyle, that's right... anything! Your dog can learn to listen to you regardless of if you're at the dog park, at the lake, or in your own back yard. We can eliminate any unwanted behaviors like jumping, "counter-surfing", or running off anytime they get outside the yard. This program allows us to do the bulk of the training, and then gives you the tools to maintain everything that your dog has learned. 

The Dream Dog Program is custom designed for each client. The program can range from 3-6 months in length, with the dog being trained here at Wheatland Dog Center for the first 3-6 weeks of that period. Upon the dog coming back home, we complete a series of follow up lessons, and make sure you have all of the tools needed to ensure your dog will continue to listen at home. This is our best training option for many major behavioral issues. 

Somewhere in-between summer camp...and boot camp, falls Day-Camp! Drop your dog off in the morning, and by dinner time you'll have a happy and worn out pup, with skills a little sharper than they were yesterday. 

Fast-Start / $380

Additional Day-Camp sessions
$50 / Day

$200 / 5 Days

Doggie Day-Camp

The list of benefits of Day-Camp are long, but here are just a few...

  • Your dog will get to socialize and be exposed to new things, this is especially important for puppies!

  • We can teach and practice new skills, like "Sit", "Down", "Stay", "Come", "Place", "Off", and "Leave-It" in a bunch of short sessions throughout the day, which is exactly how dogs learn best.

  • We can also sharpen up or improve existing skills. Your dog comes when called great at home, but not so great around more distractions? Perfect, we've got plenty of opportunities for distractions to practice with here!

  • Each day, we get a chance to have a mini-lesson with you at pick-up. We always provide pictures and video of what we worked on, along with some tips and homework so that you can make sure the behaviors transfer back to your home.

  • And of course, we work in plenty of fun stuff too! Playing on obstacles, going on hikes, and swimming in the pond are all ways we insure that dogs love coming to visit us.  

Our Fast Start program is designed especially for puppies. However, it may still be a great option for adults that need to work on some basic skills. We start off with 1 in-home private lesson to come up with a game plan, address and structure and routine changes that need to be made at home, and introduce the owners to some of the basics we'll be working on. We follow that up with 6 Day-Camps over a three week period. You'll receive a training leash/collar, and place-bed to keep. This program is required prior to purchasing individual Day-Camp sessions. 


As a small, specialized facility, we only believe in providing services that send your dog home happier and healthier than when they arrived. While here, your dog will get ample opportunities to potty and play in one of our outdoor, fenced in yards, and will never be expected to do their business in a concrete kennel. They will get to chase a ball, play on our obstacles, use their nose to their hearts delight, and even swim in our pond. More importantly, they will get relaxing one-on-one downtime and cuddles with us. 


We do our best to accommodate each dogs individual needs, and our boarding is never a one-size-fits-all service. We are happy to accept dogs that are not welcome, or do not excel in traditional boarding environments. 

$30 / Night